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Cork Board

A quick DIY project:

1. Cut out material to size of cork board – measurements don’t need to be exact if you’re using ribbon for out outline.
2. Glue material to board.
3. Line edge with ribbon or bias tape – I used hemming tape to attach the bias tape to the edge.
Thanks to Jenny over at Pearl Street Interiors blog for the inspiration!
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Prairie Memories

Not yet finished…acrylic on thrifted canvas
Inspired by my friends in the prairies and their love for all things beautiful.
One of these prairie friends, Erica, recently sent me an incredible letter filled with her usual collage of random pictures and personalized captions for each one – she is absolutely ridiculous and if any of you have been fortunate enough to receive one of these, you know what I’m talking about!
Erica is a Thai Massage Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner based in Saskatoon, SK – if you live anywhere near there, go see her! I was fortunate enough to receive a reiki treatment during my last visit & feel relaxed just thinking about it…
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Train Bag

The Leather Train Bag is my latest sewing creation. I have been dreaming about this bag for a long time and finally put pen to paper & designed it before I started sewing (first time for everything!) I really love how it turned out…it’s a bit bigger than I dreamed of, but that just means I can carry all my work stuff in it and still have room for groceries on the ride home.

Here’s the breakdown on the creation:
Bottom-old leather coat arm
Body-heavy cotton & nylon lining
Strap-red leather pant leg
Train Picture-cut from a t-shirt friends gave me
The strap is connected to the bag by wooden circles (old curtain rings) and it’s adjustable.

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