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Garden – Week 5

My family was visiting this week and I was able to treat them with supper from my garden! Isn’t that amazing?! We had sauteed zucchini with garlic along side a delicious salad of candied salmon/goat cheese/blue berries with a balsamic maple dressing…garnished with edible nasturtiums! Needless to say the zucchini, lettuce and nasturtiums came from my yard! I was so happy to be able to share the first meal from the garden with them. I think I’m starting to realize why people love to garden and grow their own food!

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Garden – Week 3

Spot the Difference!
There’s a zucchini in there! The broccoli & cauliflower are huge! And I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’ve started eating some of the lettuce too! I think some of the lettuce may have ‘bolted’ but I did pinch the top off one of them…we’ll see how that works. The ones in the back don’t look as appetizing and I’m not sure why…any ideas?

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Garden – Week 2

She survived her first week! There seems to be some bug bites out of the zucchini leaves, but the broccoli and cauliflower plants are looking good. The lettuce seems to flip/flop about most days, but I’m sure will fill out eventually. I hope to expand the space and plant some other winter veggies soon – my boss told me I could have some of her compost and a friend said she’d help me build the raised bed…we’ll see what happens!

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Garden – Week 1

It finally feels like the right time to plant my garden…I feel like I want to enjoy gardening, but i tried to at the beginning of the season this year and it just felt a bit overwhelming with the organic plant sales, compost workshops and farmer’s market starter plants…I didn’t really know where to start! But this weekend I weeded out the nasturtiums that had invaded the little plot I have, found 2 already planted zucchini plants and loaded up the space with sea soil and compost. I planted winter lettuce, purple sprouting broccoli, regular broccoli and cauliflower. So here goes my second attempt at gardening! I’ll be updating my blog each week with notes on how the garden is doing and some photos…

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