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Wellsie Bovine Quesnel

I was fortunate to be able to go on an incredible road trip with 2 unbelievably amazing women this past week. We decided that we would not make any plans and just go with the flow (a tough feat for 3 detail oriented planners). Of course, we couldn’t leave without a few planned details; make the 9pm ferry, get off the island and stay within Canada. The rest was up to the wind! We went as far north as Wells, BC and then started to make our way home after 5 nights of traipsing through Caribou country and dodging forest fires. Our evenings were spent watching the red glow in the distance grow, waking up next to rivers and mountains, sharing delicious food together, playing marbles, buying fresh fruit from road stands and providing listening ears to one another’s stories.
We talked to strangers and asked their advice of their favorite places and then explored them ourselves. The lady at the craft shop suggested we stay at Green Lake and we did. At the Garlic Festival we met Jordan from Horsefly (who used to live in our city) and then roasted his garlic bulbs to have with our cheeses and newly purchased Bob’s honey before dinner. A few days later, we met a lovely couple and their dog at a gas station who were also from Horsefly and we made the connection that we both knew Jordan (they said they will pass on our praises of his harvest). And it was the lovely Daksha, who we sat with in the shade at the Garlic Festival, that told us we had to go to Barkerville!
After driving most of the evening, we arrived in the sleepy town of Wells and were warmly welcomed into ‘The Paw’ by a group of Barkerville actors, and best friends of 15 years, who we shared an evening of music and laughter with. The next morning we met Claire and Brian from the Amazing Space Gallery while on the lookout for delicious coffees (the best americanos/cappuccinos in Wells!) and were instantly mesmerized by their old church turned gallery/studio/home. We stayed at Bowron Lake and fell in love with its serenity and peacefulness – already making plans to canoe the chain of lakes on our next trip. On day 2 we were lucky enough to have Claire all to ourselves during our gallery visit, as she shared with us her inspirations and stories about life…We left the gallery filled with great coffee, wonderful stories and a carload of beautiful art!

I love how vast and humble this gorgeous country of ours is…And I truly believe that every girl needs to be in the company of inspiring women (be it in a car, creating sap tattoos, enjoying good coffee, exploring the wilderness, stopping by sage filled roadsides, cooking together or enjoying moonlit mountainous evenings). I will cherish these moments forever. I want you to know that, when we’re the age of that Swiss couple walking past who smiled at us and asked if we were sisters, I will be telling your children about the time their mom and a couple of girls went on a road trip together and how it made them the women they are today. Thank you ladies!

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