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Summer Day in February…

(photo taken by me in 2006)

Today felt a bit like summer; the sun was out and stayed out for my bike ride home from work, flowers are blooming (and littering the streets with their fragrance and feel), buskers are performing everywhere, people are working in their gardens and in their backyards and the cafes are filled with coffee sipping folks enjoying their treats on the patio. What did today feel like to you?

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Be sure to take time out of your day to appreciate each special moment.

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1. Seeing the soft spoken farmer, who sold me delicious potatoes last week, dressed as a sack of potatoes for Halloween at the Moss Street Market today…

2. Sitting around the kitchen table, sharing a long over due pot of tea, with 2 good friends who were visiting from home…
3. Reminiscing with my folks about this time last year when we (my parents, my Aunt and I) dressed up as Hippies, a Witch & a Clown & went to our cousin’s Halloween garden/bonfire where we were treated with traditional Gaelic fourack (sp?), goodies & had our tea leaves read…
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This post is inspired by the lovely 3BT blog . I think it’s important to remember to note what you appreciate most in life…share your favorite moments with someone you love and ask what they most appreciate about the day!

Today I appreciate a delicious cup of ‘Causeway Fantastico’ coffee from Cafe Fantastico after a little sleep in because I stayed up late last night watching a very funny play (for the second time!) called ‘Wingfield: Lost & Found’

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‘Community Development’

There are no ‘community projects’ here

Just people helping out when the Fire

Hall needs to be painted or the fall fair

needs someone to collect auction items.

There are no ‘community initiatives’ here

They look more like one neighbor splitting

wood for another when he knows, without

asking, that it’s a rough time right now.

Community development isn’t someone

getting a grant to host a community dinner.

It’s Peter telling Alex at the Post Office

that he’s having a boiled dinner tonight and

to tell your brother and his wife to come too.

It’s Joe and his wife stopping by Sadie’s house

to help her put in the gyprock because they

know her husband has been sick these days.

It’s John who finishes plowing his driveway and

then makes his way over to plow Alex’s

because he knows he is too frail to tackle it

himself and is too stubborn to pay someone.

There is no need for welcome wagons here

Your neighbor will just drop by with fresh

biscuits or a pan of squares and visit with

you for an evening. You’ll go over to return

the pan on your way into town and end up

spending the afternoon together instead of

running errands. And you’re OK with that.

Community dinners aren’t catered by local restaurants,

but by proud women who know too well that kids

love her chili when she leaves the kidney beans out.

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‘My Community’

Kids make homes in the woods together
Finding the perfect stick or old tarp 
To create the roof they’ll explore under.
Mothers are hanging the clothes out
On the squeaky line, waiting for the
Summer sun to make them crisp.
Fathers are working on the roads,
In the mills, and in the woods. 
Coming home to a hot meal, then
Descending into their chair to take
In the evening news with a cup of tea.
It’s a place where one mother calls 
Out into the wind from her window,
‘Suuuuupppppeeer Tiiimmmee!’ 
The kids make one last adjustment 
To their fort and unwillingly make 
Their way in to wash their hands
And sit down to the table.
A place where you know who your 
Neighbors are because they’ve 
Known you since your parent’s
Grandparents were born. 
It’s a place where ‘you’ve got mail’
Sounds more like the postal lady 
phoning up and saying, ‘a parcel 
came for your father today, want 
me to drop it off on my way home?’
This is where an evening stroll turns
Into a cup of tea and a game of cards.

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Sunny Sunday

Today I spent the afternoon at the Sooke Potholes. I was mostly exploring the trails and enjoying the sun as I walked along the river, listening to the rush of the water as it fell from the rocks.

I sat down and had some lunch I had picked up from the bakery this morning and then I picked up a book of poems (‘The Sewing Room’ by Carla Funk) and got lost in a world unknown to me…which inspired me to write some of my own thoughts about growing up on an island on the East Coast. An island full of history and stories about family and farms. An island whose people are hard workers and thoughtful neighbors. An island where you feel at home; regardless of whose kitchen table you’re sitting down at…

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