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Cello Lessons!

cello by !anaughty!.

(sketch via !anaughty!)
A good friend (M) and I have been talking about taking cello lessons for months now and…we finally signed up today! We’ll be taking an hour long intro lesson together in a couple of weeks at the Larsen School of Music. After the into lesson, we’ve decided to take weekly private lessons – with the plan to meet up afterwards to share everything we’ve learned! Thanks to M’s mom for mailing each of us a Kevin Fox album upon hearing we were interested in taking lessons – he’s wonderful!

Check out this amazing performance at Union Square!

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Blue Bucket

More Cape Breton Shots 020

Did you spend your childhood days exploring the back woods, walking along train tracks with best friends, in search of mysteries?

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1. Seeing the soft spoken farmer, who sold me delicious potatoes last week, dressed as a sack of potatoes for Halloween at the Moss Street Market today…

2. Sitting around the kitchen table, sharing a long over due pot of tea, with 2 good friends who were visiting from home…
3. Reminiscing with my folks about this time last year when we (my parents, my Aunt and I) dressed up as Hippies, a Witch & a Clown & went to our cousin’s Halloween garden/bonfire where we were treated with traditional Gaelic fourack (sp?), goodies & had our tea leaves read…
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